Saturday, July 7, 2012

Naan Ee (Tamil movie நான் ஈ)

Indian heroes had taken lots of avatars to take revenge for their love. The latest of their avatar is House Fly..thats Naan Ee.

Though it will sound stupid to hear that the Hero is taking revenge in the form of House Fly, its the way they had presented makes the movie enjoyable. If you are ready not to Question how the Fly can interact with the Heroine, how can it do this and that, then you will definitely enjoy the whole riot.

Top honors go to the ace director Rajamouli & his CG team. His treatment to the subject and the CG works are absolutely fantastic. Though it is a small duration, Naani's original HUMAN character works well & this no-nonsense act can fetch him lots of opportunities as Guy-next-door Hero.

Samantha is cool and as usual mesmerizes. The surprise package is the villian Sudeep. He has got a wonderful opportunity to fill the show with Emotions & he has done perfect. This Kannada Star reminds of the Legendery actor Raguvaran.

Leading Comedian's small part is a dynamite package.

Though it really looks stupid initially to see the Fly to interact with Lead characters and take revenge, slowly it fades away.

This movie will work really well for all children and for adults, if they are ready to throw away their thinking hat, then they will also really enjoy for sure.

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